Aircraft Nickname, Panggilan Keren Untuk Tipe-Tipe Pesawat

Biasanya setiap orang mempunyai julukan yang identik dengan dirinya. Seperti Kapuk, panggilan saya karena berat badan saya sangat minim, seperti kapas (kapuk). Jika setiap orang punya julukan masing-masing, begitu juga dengan pesawat. Setiap tipe pesawat mempunyai julukan juga yang identik dengan pesawat tersebut. Berikut julukannya.

Boeing 707: Slush bucket, Water wagon

Boeing 727: 3 holer, Tri-jet, Trisaurus, Triple crome-plated stovepipe, Jurassic Jet, Ear Blaster

Boeing 737: Tin mouse, Maggot, Pocket Rocket Socket, FLUF (Fat Little Ugly F**cker), Light Twin, Baby Boeing, Fat Freddy, Guppy, Pig, Bobby (BOeing BaBY), Rudder Rotor, Fat Albert.

Boeing 747: Jumbo Jet, Whale, The Valiant, Upstairs and Downstairs, Lump, Humpback.

Boeing 747SP: Short Plane, Stupid Purchase.

Boeing 757: Stick Insect, AtariFerrari, Slippery Snake, Flying Pencil

Boeing 757-300: Long misery

Boeing 767: Dumpster, Slug, Stumpy

Boeing 777: B737 on steroids, Cripple Seven (I.F.E. Problems??), Bigfoot, T7, Seventh Wonder, Trouble Seven, Grouper (the front end does look like one of those fish)

Boeing 787: Tupperjet (plastic tupperware)

DC 3: Dakotasaurus Rex, Gooney Bird, Draggin’ Wagon.

DC 6: Douglasaurus Rex

DC 7: Douglas Seven Seas (From DC-7C)

DC 8: DC Late, Old Smokey, Greasy8, Death Cruiser, Whiney Bird, Cigarette Jets (Long skinny fuselages and long thin engines that smoked)

DC 9-10/15: Pocket Rocket, Mini-Me, Baby Nine

DC 9: Greasy 9, Diesel 9, DC3-GT

DC 10: Diesel 10, Death Contraption 10, Death Cruiser 10, Daily Crash 10, Donald’s Disaster, Crowd Killer

MD 11: More Death 2, I also like ‘Scud’ for the MD-11, once you launched it, you were not sure were it was going to land.

A10: Warthog

A318: Nanobus

A319: Microbus, Shorty, Short Bus (Derogatory American phrase)

A320: MiniBus, NintendoJet, ScareBus, Chainsaw, Deathjet, Freddie Kruegers wet dream, Toulouse Grasscutter, The Strimmer
(What’s the difference between an A320 and a beaver? 4000 trees per hour.)
A320 is known as ‘The John Wayne’ Because they ‘Chop down trees, move mountains and kill Indians!!’

A330: Slippy, The Aircraft in Plastic

A340: Four-person Hair Dryer, LowRider (takes so long to get off the ground)

A380: Double Decker Bus, Megabus

F27: The Dutch Dog Whistle, Whistle Pig, The Converter – (ie, it converted fuel into noise). F50: F**kin’ Fifty

F28: WhisperJet, She Who’s Afraid of Snow

Fokker 100: The Scud Because they point them at Europe and they don’t come back!, Dutch Oven (lousy air conditioning), Runway Hog



Aneh-aneh khan? haha ingin lebih tau kenapanya kunjungi :

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